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Jalang’o’s interview backfires on him, DCI involved

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By Claret Adhiambo

Comedian and Radio hos Jalang’o is currently under fire, this is after he interviewed two people claiming to be twins and married to each other.

While the interviewees claim that they are just doppelgangers (two people who look alike but are not biologigacally related) Jalang’o’s title to his YouTube interview has irked the moral cop Ezekiel Mutua.

The title “Why I Married My Twin” has irked Ezekiel Mutua who says that it encourages incest.

“Let me be blunt: if you have a son and a daughter, what this kind of content is doing to them is to normalize incest. It tells them it’s ok for a brother and sister to have sex. It tells your son that he can marry his sister!” said Mutua.

Mutua claims that anyone giving a platform to someone preaching incest and taboo topics should be arrested.

“Anyone triviliazing such a grave issue is like saying you can give a platform to paedophiles, rapists, terrorists, drug traffickers and cyber bullies to say how they commit the crimes,” said Mutua.

He has asked the police to move in and arrest the comedian.

But while Jalang’o might have invited fury from Ezekiel Mutua, his fans did not buy the message of his interviewees.

Some claimed that the two young people were clout chasers.

Some observed their body language during the interview and concluded that they were not telling the truth.

At some point, Jalang’o himself felt uncomfortable with the two because he did not seem to understand what they were saying.

“You guys are making this interview hard… Are you guys high on weed or something? Are you guys stoned?” said Jalang’o.

At some point, fans had to ask Jalang’o to end the interview to which the comedian heeded and ended it.


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