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Jalang’o’s open letter to both president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila

Jalang'o's open letter to both president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila


After tension broke out in parts of the country this past weekend many celebrities took to their social handle try and preach peace to the entire nation.

Celebrity Radio host Jalang’o said he could not stomach what was going on and decided to write an open letter to Raila and the president to take action and promote peace in the country.

In his letter to Raila, Jalang’o asks him to call of his army of supporters who are causing tension in the country.

“Dear Raila Baba!
My love for you is immeasurable and I have never hidden it even when I am supposed to and this will not change ,I will always love you. You are the only leader who I know who goes to any part of this country and gets welcomed without a second thought. You are King! You are an Enigma! More than 6million wanted you to be their president! You cant be ignored! I’ll talk about my love for you in another letter someday but today I want your attention! Just one word from you will stop what is happening at Home! People are dying, property is being destroyed and I hear women are being raped! Looters and thugs are taking advantage of the situation! Police are all over! Economy back home is at a standstill! Baba you must speak! This script is a dejavu and you know It! Stolen victory or not this thing is done and dusted! Uhuru is President!” The letter reads in part.

He goes on to advice Raila to take the battle to court saying he will put up a strong case.

“The only hope you have is the courts and with all the evidence I know you can put a strong case if it’s a path you want to take! For now you must speak and tell your army to retreat we can’t loose twice! Let us win in one, not the battles but in peace! The bloodshed is too much, the cries are too loud and the gun shots are not about to stop! All this can stop! Just say a word! Most people will tell me that I don’t know what am talking about! I feel them, I feel you..i know your pain but as you said at the debate elections come and go! Let them go and lets build our country together! Sadly everyone is getting back to work as home burns! It’s gonna take us another 1 year to recover again! You can imagine the loss! We can’t be making 10 steps ahead then 20 back! Baba speak!
Yours Trully,Jalang’o” He adds.

In a previous letter to the president, Jalang’o urges him to get police out of Kisumu and other towns so that life can go back to normal. He asks him to speak to Raila and unite Kenyans once again as they’ve always done.