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  • Nicki Minaj is set to hold the listening party for her album ‘Pink Friday 2’ in Jamaica.
  • The Trinidadian rapper enjoys a wide following in Jamaica and also uses Jamaican slang in some of her music.
  • “Pink Friday 2” is Nicki Minaj’s fifth studio album and her first since 2018.

Jamaican’s are upbeat following the revelation that Nicki Minaj will host the listening party for her album, Pink Friday 2 in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Trinidadian rapper enjoys a wide following in Jamaica and uses Jamaican slangs in her music.

Minaj is also fond of using the Jamaican slang mostly during her live conversations on Instagram Live and Tik Tok.

“Pink Friday 2” is Minaj’s fifth studio album and its release is much anticipated after encountering several hiccups leading to delays.

The listening party is dubbed “Nicki Night Jamaica:Pink Friday 2” with Jahvair Brown and Clever Life Experience as the hosts.

Previously, the promoters have hosted Nicki Night Jamaica in 2022 and it was a huge success.

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Already out is the event’s poster which has since gone viral.

Nicki Minaj also seems to have okayed it with features of her updated album cover photo.

The event kicks off at 9pm with tickets going for $2000.

Nicki’s fans will not only enjoy listening to the album but also her greatest hits.

“Pink Friday 2” is Nicki’s fifth studio album and her first snce 2018.

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Promotional Tour

The Bang bang rapper has also disclosed that she will be staging a promotional tour after the album’s release.

She has promised 30 stops in North America and Europe.

However, Nicki has not intimated whether Jamaica and her home country, Trinidad is part of the list.

Meanwhile, Nicki is set to bring the house down at Jingle Ball in Miami and Atlanta later in the month.

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The two events might see Nicki’s fans getting a taste of her new album before her tour.

However, Nicki’s fans will miss her in Chicago but Lil Wayne has been chosen to perform in her slot.

Nicki’s love for Jamaica has also seen her being blasted for choosing on the lsland over her home country, Trinidad.

Her visit with dancehall star Skeng was also criticized despite the rapper ignoring the heat.




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