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Jamaican Dancer dies after stunt gone wrong (Video)

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A video has surfaced online showing how Jamaican dancer  Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Evans popularly known as Bumpa broke her neck and died.

The dancer lost her life on January 24th after her dance partner jumped on her back causing her to snap her kneck.

Bumpa balancing upside down while another female dancer, identified by her alias Momo, adjusts Bumpa’s legs in preparation for the stunt that should have seen Momo jump through Bumpa’s opened legs.

Momo however did not manage the jump and her entire weight ends up on Bumpa.

The video ends with Bumpa lying flat on her face while Momo tries frantically to revive her.

It is alleged that a dance challenge was thrown out at the event with the winning prize being $3500 and the 2 colleagues came up with a freestyle dance to wow the crowd

Roxanne’s mother Olive Clennon revealed the dancer was rushed to the hospital following the incident.

The mother revealed that her daughter broke her neck in three places.

According to Miss Clennon, she didn’t think that her daughter would die because the doctor told them she would be okay after surgery.

“We rush to the hospital same time, but when we reach, she caa talk to nobody, all she could do is shake har head and the doctor dem tell mi seh har neck bruck inna three place. Honestly, mi neva know seh she woulda dead because the doctor dem did a seh she need some piece a iron inna har neck. Dem tell mi fi go pay some money and by the time mi pay the money, dem a rush har to Falmouth Hospital, so we follow dem to the hospital. Thursday we up deh and get the shocking news from a doctor seh she dead, none a wi couldn’t believe it,” she said


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