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  • Rvssian puts his Miami Home on sale.
  • The popular Jamaican producer is set to gain millions of profit from the sale.
  • Rvssian got the home in 2018 at Ksh.52 Million

Jamaican record producer, singer and songwriter Rvssian has put his Miami Springs home on sale for a staggering Ksh.368 Million a significant markup from the Ksh.52 Million he paid just to acquire it five years ago.

The property, built in 1947, was gotten hold of by Rvssian’s company Sindicate 12 Corp, in late 2018. A glance at the before-and-after photos reveals a transformative renovation under his ownership.

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It now features a state-of-the-art recording studio, which, according to Rvssian’s Instagram posts, is called “The Garden.”

            Rvssian in his home’s studio Photo/Courtesy

According to the listing, the studio features angular wall construction (to diffuse sound waves), a fully-equipped vocal booth, and six-layer soundproofing all around with soundproof acoustic windows and doors for both the studio and booth.

The listing also sweetened the deal with the expectation of additional recording equipment, including a 2020 MacBook Pro, Avid S1 mixing console, Auspurger Active Monitors (Speakers), Genelec 8331 Monitors (Speakers) and Argosy studio console desk with integrated racks for hardware.

There’s also an artist lounge with full kitchen  along with two bedrooms, one bath and one half-bath.

The lot has a perfectly maintained backyard and provides ample parking space for up to six vehicles, such as Rvssian’s white Rolls Royce or his red Lamborghini SUV.

                  Rvssian’s backyard Photo/Courtesy


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