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Jamaican Reggae Legend Everton Blender “stranded” in Buruburu

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By Annette Amondi

Jamaican reggae legend Everton Blender has been left stranded in the country after an unidentified promoter failed to honor their deal.

The artistes plight was first brought to light by media personality Nick Odhiambo who narrated how a promoter had failed to pay the artiste.

According to Nick, Everton jetted into the country last month and has been stranded since.

“Sad story here! Everton Blender came to perform in Kenya last month…the promoters didn’t pay him and now he is just chillaxing being a humble Rastaman in Buruklyn aka Buru Buru.” Wrote Nick

Blender  performed at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) on September, 8 2018.

Sme sources however indicate that the artist had a return ticket and has failed to go back to Jamaica due to lack of enough cash.

It is however not clear if the artiste is indeed stranded as he is slated to perform at Sarakasi Dome.

Some online users also say the promoter known as mau mau sounds and Chini ya mti now known as haul and pull up were also behind the Erick Donaldson concert flop.

Others also backed up Nick Odhiambo’s claims saying that the artiste first lived in Lavington after the payment mix up but was forced to shift to Buruburu after running out of cash.

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