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Jamaican Singer Shenseea Blasted Over Notorious B.I.G Song


By Steve Osaka

Jamaican female dancehall Singer Shenseea has received a backlash from her fans after posting a video while rapping to the late Notorious B.I.G’s beat to the song ‘Hypnotize’.

Shensea who rapped BIG’s song alongside rapper Money Yo seems to have irked her fans who thought that she was switching to rap music.

“It’s a blessing to be what I always wanted to be, Now look, people hating cause i’m who they’re trying to be,Growing up, I wish I had a home that was just for me.. Now i own properties like I took over monopoly, So much lce i’m shaking, seizure! Getting green like my names Caesar, Dead faces on my paper like am i’m a f**ng Grim Reaper! Plus I got couple passports cause my pages filled with Visas, This a”can’t forget me p*y”ya p**y give boys amnesia, I’m a BOSS! And you bitches ain’t on my level, I be doing niggas so much wrong like I am the devil, But to my fans, I can’t do no wrong like Jesus in Heaven, You on that 9-5 but I’ve been working 24/7!!!”freestyled Shenseea while in studio alongside rapper Moneybagg Yo who also dropped a couple of lines.

“Lol nah shenseea keep yuh Jamaican flavor that’s why we love yuh, no need to convert for the Yankee masses?‍♀️,” reacted a fan Crawford – 876.

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However others jammed to her vibe and felt she was up to the task. “Girl yuh bad enuh! Spit fire like a ????? full a bar more than prison” wrote Kairwigs.

Shenseea was however paying tribute to the fallen US rapper Notorious B.I.G who is a revered icon in the Hip hop world.