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‘Jamaicans eat the big yellow yam’ Mr. Vegas on Why Jamaica’s Covid-19 numbers are low


Jamaican singer Clifford Smith popularly known as Mr.Vegas has weighed in on how Jamaica has managed to keep its Covid-19 numbers quite low.

To date Jamaica has only confirmed 678 cases of the deadly disease, 521 deaths and only 10 deaths.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio’s Zabe, Mr. Vegas said the low numbers have everything to do with Jamaicans’ strong immune system.

He attributed the low numbers to the Jamaican’s way of life and dependence on ital foods.

“The people of Jamaica have a strong immune system because we eat up the big yellow yam.But I also think the Jamaican government did a good job keeping the numbers down. All in all if we also take care of ourselves, we stay at home and if we go out we wear a mask.” He said

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Asked whether he would consider repatriating to another country, Mr. Vegas said he has thought about and Kenya is definitely among his choices.

“Honestly I have been thinking about it for long and if I was to repatriate I would go to Uganda, Kenya or South Africa.” He added

Mr.Vegas currently has a new banger hit dubbed ‘Hallelujah’ that premiered on your number one favorite station Ghetto Radio on Friday 26th June

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