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  • Jay Melody is regretful for visiting a witchdoctor in turning around his musical dream.
  • He was later cleansed by an Ustadh for the wrongdoing.
  • Jay Melody is currently among the best selling artists in Tanzania.

Bongo sensation Jay Melody has shared how he regretted visiting a witchdoctor in turning around his music dream.

According to the Puh singer, he was yearning for success and sought the services of the dark world.

One of his friends also an artist is the one who hatched the plan to seek the services of a witchdoctor.

However, after the visit he felt some emptiness knowing that he had transgressed from God’s will.

Thereafter, he opened up to an Ustadh(Muslim preacher) who cleansed him from the wrongdoing.

Jay Melody added that he’s aware of his other friends who took the same route but have never enjoyed success.

“Mimi nimezaliwa kwenye maisha ya dini sana unaelewa kwa hiyo yani kile kilikuwa kitu kipya sana kwangu ko ata niliporudi nilijiona kama nimejikosea ata mimi” he stated partly.

Jay Melody further disclosed that he’s no longer at peace sharing the escapade in media fearing fans outrage.

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He continued that many of the artists seeking such services have gone through difficult periods in their lives and thought that it was the only way in getting a breakthrough.

The artist still believes that his hard work paid off and not the witchdoctor’s charm.

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No Record Label Signing

With many artists getting support by being signed to a record label, Jay Melody disclosed that he cannot be signed.

He believes that his many years as an underground star offered him the will to push through as an independent act.

He’s also one of the reputable song writers in Tanzania, he wrote Nandy’s smash hit ‘Kivuruge’ among many others.

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He also touched on his botched collaboration with Konde Gang Boss Harmonize.

However, he was optimistic that they’ll finally have a chance to work in future.

Currently, Jay Melody is one of the best-selling artists in Tanzania and beyond.

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