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Jeff Koinange loses home over 130M Debt, Vybz Kartel and Mr. Vegas go head to head.. here are this week’s entertainment stories

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On Monday, Kenyans woke up to news that media personality Jeff Koinange could soon lose his Kitisuru homes over a 130 million shilling debt. Vybz Kartel fans also got a chance to see him in a leaked prison video. Here are this week’s entertainment stories.

  1. Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange’s homes have been placed on auction over a Sh.130 million bank debt.

The two homes which seat on 0.67 acres each in Nairobi’s Kitisuru area were placed on auction on Monday by Garam Investments.

According to Business Daily, the two four-bedroom villas belonging to the journalist are set to be auctioned on April 28th.

Koinange’s homes will be auctioned over a debt that he fell into last year, according to Garam Investments which is leading the auction.

According to the article, a local bank is seeking to recover at least Ksh65 million from the sale of each of the two villas.

  1. Vybz Kartel in Prison

Dancehall star Adidja Palmer popularly known as Vybz Kartel seems to be in high spirits despite being incarcerated.

This is according to a video that has been doing rounds on social media showing the singer in high spirits.

In the video that has surfaced online, a man believed to be Vybz is seen walking on prison grounds with officers.

The tall and lanky individual, who is dressed in white shorts, a white T-Shirt, and what seems to be a pair of Desert Clarks boots, is hailed by the same inmates who are shooting the video as he makes his way into the prison’s courtyard.

Vybz Kartel recently suffered a huge blow after the three-judge bench dismissed his murder conviction appeal.

In a ruling issued  last Friday, the three-member panel of judges at the Jamaican Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal case by the dancehall artiste and his three co-convicts who were sentenced for murder.

Appeal Court Judges Frank Wiliams, Dennis Morrison, and Patrick Brooks  affirmed the 2014 murder conviction of Kartel and his co-convicts but gave defense attorneys 7 days to submit documents for them to consider a reduction in sentence for the convicted men.

  1. Vybz Kartel vs Mr. Vega

Dancehall legend Vybz Kartel clapped back at Mr. Vegas with a scathing online statement.

This is after Mr. Vegas called out Kartel’s fans popularly known as Gaza Nation for going on a social media rant after their icon’s appeal was dismissed.

In a recent post on social media dancehall artist, Mr. Vegas spoke out about Vybz Kartel’s murder case.

A number of Gaza fans were quick to downplay the gruesome murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams as they protested for their artist to be freed from his prison cell.

Mr. Vegas said it is inhumane for the Gazanation to downplay the significance of Lizzard’s life and went on to narrate how Kartel should not be given special treatment and should serve the full sentence.

“When it comes on to the Vybz Kartel case and the people who want to put out certain rhetoric, I find them disappointing and disheartening, Now when a man a goes and says nothing when Lizard got killed cause he was a ‘nobody’, as if it’s nothing that he got killed ’cause he was a bad man, he was a murderer, he was a  killer, he did this, he did that. I find the talk very disappointing people.” He said

Kartel responded in a post that was soon deleted terming Vegas as a washed out artist.

“Da bredda still exist? First of all, I’ve made so many youths into millionaires, both in and out of music. Plus I’ve given much more [to] my parents, sisters, brothers & other relatives and personal friends. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY CHILDREN WORSHIP AND ADORE ME! And all my baby mamas respect me as a REAL MAN WHO LOVES HIS KIDS. So I don’t need validation from washed up celebs or from a society of criminals, the CIA consistently ranks it so HIGH in the corruption index it’s a wonder we haven’t floated to the clouds.” He said

  1. Naiboi vs Producer iLogos

Singer Michael Kennedy Claver popularly known as Naiboi has responded to allegations made by producer iLogos claiming that he failed to pay for 10 songs.

Through his lawyer, David Katee has refuted the allegations and has asked Ilogos to withdraw the defamatory statement.

In a demand letter, Naiboi has given Ilogos 48 hours to unconditionally withdraw all strikes against his YouTube channel and issue an apology for the same.

“We have hereby been instructed by our client to demand the following from you; that you cease and desist from making any defamatory statements against him on any platform; That you furnish him with all his content in your possession with immediate effect,” reads part of the letter.

In the same demand letter dated April 6, 2020, Naiboi has also called out the producer claiming that he withheld some of the works they did with Naiboi.

According to Naiboi, iLogos claimed to have lost some of the songs he produced for him in 2017, only to resurface less than three weeks ago.

“In 2017, you produced a sound recording for him in which he authored and recorded a chorus for the same but this also you claimed was lost with the rest but it resurfaced last week when a song was released by another artist. It is from the foregoing that our client states that you lied about losing his songs and you went ahead and sold the same recording and the chorus to another artist by the name Arrow Bwoy knowing very well that it belonged to our client. Arrow Bowy went ahead and did the verses and released the song which premiered last week containing the same sound recording and chorus but going by the name Toto,” the letter states.

  1. Hamisa Mobeto and Ali Kiba

On Wednesday, bongo sensation Ali Kiba left tongues wagging after his latest video premiered on streaming platform Youtube.

The singer featured Hamisa Mobetto as his video vixen in the track dubbed ‘Dodo’

In the song which is wedding inspired,  Kiba confesses his love for Mobetto, showering her with lots praise and why he settled on her as a wife.

“Kupenda ni vitendo si maneno maneno, leo nakupa kitengo kwa kufika Malengo, umeziba Mapengo, kwa upendo upendo, Bora wanazengo anze vikaovya sendoff Eeeh, MaaMaana we mrembo nakujuzaaah..mama nashukuru umekuza, chanda kama pete nitakutunza … na umeshanizimaa, ayoyoyooo Love, ayoyoyooo my love, ayoyoyooo Love, your love, Dodo langu Beibe,” he sings

The move to feature Hamisa as his vixen surprised many, basing on the fact that Alikiba is rumored to be Diamond’s (Hamisa’s baby Daddy) sworn enemy.

The Dodo video was shot in Zanzibar by Director Rockshot, while its Audio was produced by Yogo Beatz.


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