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Jigi Jigi is the worst song i have ever listened to – Ringtone

Jigi Jigi is the worst song i have ever listened to - Ringtone

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Just when you thought the beef with Ringtone and Willy Paul was history, Ringtone claps back at Willy Poze for releasing what he terms as the worst song olin 2017 .

The singer claimed during an interview on Kiss Fm that Willy Paul’s new song Jiggy Jiggy is the worst song he has ever listened to.

“I don’t hate Willy Paul. Kuna zile wimbo zake napenda kama ile aliimba na Gloria Muliro. If I was to rate the worst song I have heard from Willy Paul, I’d say this one Jigi Jigi. Naeza sema sasa anazoea. Ile time aliimba na yule dem wa Jamaica tulisema okay, sasa tena ingine? Hatuwezi kua tunaimba around dem and sisi ni gospel artistes.”He said.

The two artist’s beef sprang to life in 2016 when Ringtone claimed that Willy Paul was out to ruin his career by scandalising his name. Willy Paul Apparently wanted to frame Ringtone for impregnating a certain lady a matter that was never confirmed.


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