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Jimi Wanjigi says Uhuru’s State of the nation address was full of ‘bonoko’ economics

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ODM presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi now says that President Uhuru Kenyatta presented “bonoko economics” in his recent State of the Nation address, saying that the figures did not add up.

Wanjigi said that Kenyatta’s time to repair the economy had run out as he made a resounding pitch to Kenyans to separate empty campaign rhetoric from the state of the economy and how it should be repaired after next year’s election.

“When I heard the President speak and exude a scorecard that is not in tandem with what is in our pockets, I was in shock. I was wondering whether I’m the one who lives in a different world. What he spoke about was bonoko economics. Those were not truths,” said Wanjigi.

He cited the figure given by the President in the SOTN address that the Kibaki economy grew to Ksh4.7 trillion and said that the figure was wrong, going by what is publicly available on the Central Bank of Kenya website.

“Anybody can Google it and find that the economy under Kibaki grew to Ksh6.7 trillion. We want facts Mr President, however harsh. Not dreams and fantasies. We want the truth. We know the president does not have time to fix it but those who are running for the presidency should not tell Kenyans lies,” he said.

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He was speaking at the ACK St Paul’s Karen West Parish, Karinde where he was hosted by the Rev Steve Muhoho to a fundraiser in aid of a multi-purpose hall.

Wanjigi said that the Uhuru government had increased the national debt by more than 600% of what he found.

“That debt we are not enjoying because it has gone to things we cannot explain. It is clear that Uhuru has not been able to boost our productivity. It is also true that the cost of living has increased for each one of us. The only thing we can do to save the economy is stop the slide into debt and increase productivity,” he said.

He cited the cost of electricity 40% of which is currently going to taxes and said that the situation would worsen as the country struggled under the mountain of debt taken up by Jubilee.

“We should be very careful with the choices next year because there are people who have been around for thirty years and more and are now hoodwinking voters. Up ahead there are very weight issues. The economy is in the ICU. For every Ksh900 you make, you have a debt of Ksh1,100. In this type of crisis, where will wheelbarrows and Ksh6,000 handouts take you? There’s not time and money for handouts,” he said.