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Jimmy Gait Gets Trolled Over His New Song “Yesu Ndiye Sponsor” (VIDEO)


jimmyWell the signature hit maker Jimmy Gait did not get away with his new song called Yesu ndiye sponsor.. This is after his failure to make it on his hello Adelle cover.

KOT did not like how he compared Jesus with greedy politicians and old wealthy men who go about young ladies.

Jimmy Gait’s song was apparently inspired by numerous incidents that have occurred of late.. The “sponsors” being busted.

The sponsors are apparently responsible for the lavish life young ladies need to make it happen. The jam dubbed ‘Yesu ndiye sponsor’ has been ridiculed by Kenyans especially by KOT

“So Jimmy gait ametoa song inaitwa sponsor ni yesu?? So imefika ni kucompare Yesu na Kenyan politicians? “Isokay isorait” one comment read.