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Jimmy Gait Jets back to the country after Month long treatment in India


Gospel singer Jimmy Gait is finally back in the country after undergoing treatment in India.

Through a post on his YouTube channel, the singer revealed that he landed in Nairobi on Sunday and is now feeling much better.

“Feels great to be back home! There’s nothing like it, being where you belong, with the people you belong! And better still, feeling healthier! Nashukuru sana” wrote Jimmy Gait.

Jimmy Gait flew to India in August to seek treatment after going through a cancer scare.

The singer had revealed that he was suffering from a mysterious condition and was asked by his Kenyan doctors to seek treatment in India.

“I have not been well, I have been battling a condition and gone to quite a number of hospitals and it has been decided that I have to go out of the country for special treatment and medical attention,” he said at the time.

After several tests by his Indian doctors, Jimmy Gait was  found to be suffering from excess acid production in the stomach.

“We found the infection, we treated it, we are still treating it and luckily we are doing well with the treatment. This is my advice to doctors if a patient is not showing any progress maybe one time or two times, move according to the clinical judgment and do perform the tests which are required,” his doctor Sanjay Khan said