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  • “Jipe Shugli” Georgina Njenga to Vincent Mboya.
  • She has rubbished Mboya’s claims that he bought her a new Mazda Demio.
  • Georgina has since exposed Mboya for using the same trick of buying her a car with other women. 

Baha’s ex-girlfriend, Georgina Njenga has advised You Tuber and Content Creator, Vincent Mboya to leave her alone while fearing the latter wrecking her new relationship. Georgina also denied ever receiving a brand new Mazda Demio as a Valentines gift from him.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Georgina sought to make the record straight by stopping Mboya in his tracks for alleging that he was in a relationship with her.

According to her, the rumors of their alleged relationship with Mboya were not only disturbing but also draining.

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“Ambieni huyu mtu niko na mtu na akiendelea hivi ntaachwa…I’m running out of words of explanation heeh” shot Georgina.

Baha and Georgina before parting ways PHOTO Courtesy


Rubbishes Mboya’s Claim Of Car Gift

Georgina further rubbished Mboya’s claims of gifting her a brand new Mazda Demio as a Valentines present.

She went ahead and shared an M-Pesa message of 3k shillings from Mboya. A baffled Georgina wondered how Mboya would buy the car stretching to more than a million bob when in real sense 3k was all he could afford as a gift.

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However, the sassy Instagram model noted Mboya’s kind gesture while telling him to look for a girlfriend elsewhere huh!!

“Kama hii ndio anatuma Valentines ni gari atanunua? Yoooh guys my man can do much better and Mboya is a nice guy but not my type atafute tu kwingine” read Geogina’s follow up post.

Fans Reactions

Georgina and Mboya’s push and turn has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

We sampled a few below.

“Kenyan richest You Tuber ametumia crushie thao tatu”

“Sponsor mwitu”

“Vuuuumbiii duuuust”

“He ain’t getting that thing so easily”

“Hii nijua tu Mboya aliedit zile meso”

“Nilijua tu Georgina hawezi mjenga”

Currently, Vincent Mboya is hauled up in Canada from where he’s been operating after leaving Kenya last year.


February 16, 2024

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