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Jitters at Sony as Atari poops on the PS5 party


By Gathua Miricho

As the PS5 releases date draws near (November 12 for North America) the executives at Sony must be losing their mind after another gaming company announced the release of their next-gen console that comes with access to over 100 games.

Enter Atari VCS

The Atari VCS is set to be unveiled in November, just like the PS5. Atari has been in the gaming industry since its inception. The company was a leading innovator of arcade and console games. The first Atari VCS was released in 1977. Now, more than 20 years later since the last Atari console, they have decided to steal Sony’s thunder by releasing on the same month.

The 2020 Atari comes with new tech that will enable it rival next-gen consoles. It packs an AMD Ryzen CPU, AMD Radeon GPU and an expandable RAM that starts at 8GB.

Atari has also ditched their joystick and embraces a modern day controller (similar to that of the Xbox), on top of having 3.0 USB together with Ethernet and HDMI ports. Moreover, you can ditch the Ethernet cable since it also has Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth connection.


Dedicated PC Mode

The Atari VCS beats the gaming computer vs PS5 debate by having a full on dedicated PC mode.

So, what does this mean? When not playing console games, Atari allows you to install a secondary operating system on a bootable USB, and you can now use the console as a personal computer and even play games.

So, for a price below $400, you can have the best of both worlds, a decent gaming computer and one of the best consoled ever produced.