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Joe Mwangi Says Wendy Waeni’s  mum is a drunkard

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Former gymnast Wendy Waeni’s manager Joe Mwangi has come out to accuse the gymnasts mother of being a drunkard.

Speaking in a recent TV interview, Mwangi says Waeni’s mother at one point even used money he had sent for Wendy’s fee to drink.

“I remember ilikuwa December date 2, from my own pocket I gave Mama Wendy Sh100, 000 and I told her weka hii pesa ya mtoto anafaa kuingia shule January. The deadline for joining school was January 8 and on date 6, Wendy texted me on whatsapp, then she is like Joe naingia shule lini and I’m like fine nilipeana pesa mnaniuliza nini mambo ya shule. Then nikamuuliza hata tooth brush ya 20 bob hamjanunua kwa nini? She said mum alisema hana pesa lakini ni ulevi… ni mlevi mbaya sana,”  he said

Mwangi also said that Wendy has not made money in the last two years because she has not performed for that period.

“As an artiste you can only get paid when you perform, so the question is, when was the last time Wendy performed? The last time she performed is over two years ago.” he added

Mwangi who maintained that he is innocent also revealed that when Wendy traveled to Rwanda her mother received Ksh. 500,000 form the president as a token and yet that money is nowhere.

He says he received Ksh. 100,000 from the money as a thank you token and maintains that it was not payment.

“Kagame gave Mama Wendy Sh500, 000 cash on her hand then as manager, mama Wendy gave me Sh100, 000. Haikuwa story na kulipwa, it was just a token from the President,” he added

Mwangi maintains that Ms. Syombua (Wendy’s mother) has misused any money they have ever made and is now using him as a scapegoat.


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