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Jomvu MP Urges Mombasa Youth To Apply For Uwezo Fund

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Jomvu MP Badi Twalib has urged Mombasa youths to apply for Uwezo funds to start businesses.

Speaking in Mombasa, Twalib said that Uwezo fund was a good plan for youths to start businesses rather than wait for formal employment.

Twalib said that the funds are aimed at supporting youths and women but few in Mombasa have applied for the same.

“As a leader, I’m going to visit each area in my constituency and evaluate some of the businesses as I also encourage youths to major into others,” said Twalib.

He also appreciated women within the Jomvu area for having applied for the Uwezo funds in large numbers to boost their business compared to the past years.

Elizabeth Wako Uwezo fund treasurer in the Jomvu constituency also faulted youths for failing to apply for the funds.

“We assist both small and large businesses, so people apply for the funds because the government targets your business,” said Wako.


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