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Journalist Larry Madowo attacked by Americans on Twitter


Journalist Larry Madowo got a rude welcome in America after he tweeted about the recent El Pasa shootings.

The TV presenter who recently left BBC to study in the US, tweeted about the weekend’s mass shootings that left 30 dead and about 50 injured terming it a horrendous incident barely a week after his arrival.

“I went to sleep on news of a mass shooting in El Paso. I woke up to news of a mass shooting in Dayton. This is only my first weekend living in these United States!” Madowo tweted

His tweet which got more than 1k retweets seems to have angered a lot of people who called him out asking him to go back home.

“Hey, you don’t like it here you can leave.” Wrote a  user by the name John Siebert

“You’re a newcomer to America and you publicly say America is not safe despite the hell hole you are from. Get lost moron! Go home!” Added Siebert

However a few people encouraged him to stay telling him that they are trying to clean up their home (The country)

Karen Sargernt wrote “Welcome to the United States. Our house is a little messy at the moment. Most of us have been working hard to clean up the dust and stains, that have littered the place. Most of us welcome you and yours. Thanks for your patience, we are trying our best to clean up this mess.”

D Rwick Wrote “Sorry. We really suck. Some of us are trying to change that, but a lot of us are making it worse. Welcome to the US!”