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Journalists Urged To Exercise Caution In Elections Reporting

Journalists have been urged to exercise  caution  in their  duties  as the  country  prepares to hold the much  awaited elections  on 9th August  2022.

Speaking  to Journalists at a workshop organised  by the Kenya  Editors  Guild  in Machakos County, David  Aduda a consultant with KEG and lecturer at the Agha Khan  University  said  the  media  has a role  to promote  democracy  in  all dynamics  of political  climates  and therefore  the scribes must explore all hospices  of the regulators to ensure  they gather, package and deseminate the  information  to ensure general  public makes informed  decisions .

“Election has its peculiarities, and we realised  that our journalists  are trained  for general  reporting, but elections  has its  dynamic  that  journalists  should  understand  together  the challenges,”Aduda  said.

The seasoned journalist also added that the journalists should not act like conveyor belts of the politicians or framing the elections as horse races.

Aduda says that journalists should instead set the agenda of public interest to those seeking elective and public offices.

“The elections  should be  about  ideas  and that is where a journalists  come in, so I think the role of a journalist is  to define and identify  some of the key issues that must be at the centre  of the contest,”Aduda  added

By Rodgers Oduor