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Jovial and Willy Paul Spark Dating Rumours


Kenyan singer, Jovial is finally warming up to the charms of fellow star, Willy Paul months after the ‘Atoti Jaber’ hitmaker shot his shot on social media.

After an initial exchange about a month ago, including lecturing Willy Paul on how to approach a lady, the beauty appears to have changed her mind and is warming up to the charms of the Saldido international entertainment owner.

Jovial posted the singer on her Instagram stories accompanying the photo with a caption that read, “I just wanna fall in love.”

Netizens were quick to read in between the lines with some stating that Willy Paul had used his words well to woo the ‘Jeraha’ hitmaker while others dismissed it  as  another episode of clout-chasing with speculation that the pair could have worked on a song together and wanted to gain publicity before releasing it.

One even went a step further and cautioned Jovial to focus on her music as getting into a relationship with Willy Paul could eventually cause her pain, an advice that the songstress did not take kindly.

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“Jovial Jovial!!! Word of advice from my side some people will ‘only love you’ as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop. Stay focused on your music!!!” reads Steve Bikoless’ message to which she responds saying,“Kuna watu kwenye haya Maisha huwa wanataka wakuendeshe na kukwambia nini chakufanya na wakati Maisha ni yako…!”

It began a month ago when Willy Paul took to social media, commenting on a photo that the diva had shared online.

“Wewe nikupata nakukula na ugali ya ushago aki mapenzi wewe.” Wrote Willy Paul, a comment that saw some netizens challenge him to sharpen his skills if he hoped to win Jovial’s heart.

Willy Paul later changed tact in a bid to attract Jovial’s attention.

“Maybe I should come slowly jaber. If you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me.. so for me to come here and ask you out aaaaaaih. Just say yes!”

The songstress was clearly not impressed by Willy Paul’s approach and took to social media to lecture the singer with little hope that Willy Paul would succeed.

“Mi sio size yako! Tafta size yako!” she wrote.

By Stella Anyango


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