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Jovial Explains Why She Only Has Male Friends


Kenyan songstress Jovial has revealed the reason why she prefers the company of male friends over that of female friends.

The musician has first dispelled the claims that she has no friends going on to clarify that indeed she has a circle of friends with her preference being strictly male friends.

She has however noted that for such friendships to work one has to have high regards for themselves.

“Someone asked me why I don’t have friends…I do have friends…But male friends and that’s my team. Hakuna watu hukua chilled kama maboys! Anytime, anyday! Depends with how you carry yourself!” She says.

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The songbird then explains that most female friendships are fake adding that she never wants to associate herself with any form of drama that results from them.

According to her, drama caused by ladies is the same reason why she is picky when it comes to doing music with female artists adding that ladies barely support each other.

“Wanawake hatupendani! Sijui shida hukua gani! One of the reasons why I’m choosy when it comes to female collaborations! I hate negative vibes man! That’s why I prefer a male team! FOCUSED! Kwanza ogopa wale hukuita “Babe” those are the worst! Hata pressure za IG zinatokana na madem. That’s why female artists are less in the industry! No Love!”

By Stella Anyango


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