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Jowie’s girlfriend clears the air on his relationship with Jacque Maribe


Eleanor Musangi, Jowie Irungu’s girlfriend has cleared the air on when their relationship started.

Speaking in a recent interview with media personality Massawe Jappani, Ms. Musangi said their relationship started after Jowie was released.

She further added that Jacque Maribe has never been a threat to her neither has she (Eleanor) been a threat to Jacque.

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“Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I’ve never been a threat to Jacque and Jacque has never been a threat to me now that’s what you need to understand,” she said

Speaking in the same interview Jowie also said that he is not sure if he would still be dating Jacque now.

“I don’t think so. Its God’s will mimi siwezi kupatia thought yangu. Hii yote ni God’s will. God amewill ifanyike hivo na iwe hivo,” he said