Celebrated Kenyan artist Juacali  has made a comment about comedian Njugush that has rubbed the online battalion the wrong way,

‘’Njugush ni Boy wangu but hakuna comedian hapo not funny at all ‘’ He Wrote

This tweet got the online battalion talking with some not amused with the artists remarks,

Some comments  are captured below

‘’That Juacali comment was unwarranted if they are indeed friends,then Njugush ashould end the friendship immediately ‘’

‘’Jua Cali being creative is not easy atleast Njugush is trying wewe si umeshuka hair style moja for more than 50 years’’

‘’Msiguze Sasa Jua Cali, respect your elders he was in the game when you was in your mother’s diapers’’

‘’Atleast Njugush is trying to reinvent himself by trying something new. Personally, I think Jua Cali amelemewa kabisa na modern day game..he is still riding on the jams he dropped years ago..kama unadhani ni uongo check out his new album. Inaslap mbaya sana on mute’’

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Meanwhile Sautiso’ls Bien, says he’s got mad respect for Njugush

‘’Njugush ako tu sawa. I have nothing but respect for this man and his wife. Legacy over everything’

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Kenyans on twitter agree with Bien that Njugush is indeed a great comedian, who deserves to be given His flowers on a daily.

 Some of the sentiments are  captured below

‘’Juacali come notes from the goat himself’’

‘’That’s how a real man stands up for another man!’’

 ‘’They have a niche. They should stick to that’’

‘’Njugush and Celestine are the real definition of hard work and dedication .God bless you with all your heart desires’’

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