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•Juacali pours immense accolades to video producer,Luch who was vital in the growth of Genge
•Luch was Calif Records in-house videographer who creatively produced countless of videos despite lacking sophisticated equipment
•Today Luch is a business magnate in Nairobi

Pioneer Genge star and founder’s, Paul Nunda popularly known as Juacali has offered flowers to prolific videographer, Luch for playing a vital role in the growth of Genge music.

Luch (Charles Luche) was Calif records in-house videographer and is credited with producing the stable’s countless music videos.

According to the Utu uzima rapper, Luch’s name is always forgotten at the mention of Genge player’s who mainstreamed the genre to unimaginable heights.

“When we speak of Genge we always mention the artists who pushed and still push the genre and we always forget to celebrate this one person who was really an integral part of the journey na huyo mtu anaitwa Luche of Luch productions.Luch ndio alikua anashoot video zetu zote za Calif personally if you ask me sijawai ona video producer who used to bring our lyrics to life through visuals kama Luch.

Lack Of Sophisticated Equipment

Despite the lack of sophisticated equipment,Juacali revealed that they not only thrived on creativity in creating superb visuals but also inculcated the same in song compositions which gave them an edge.

“We didn’t have the best equipments and we knew that,so we had to be super super creative to come up with dope videos which naturally made you overlook the quality and we did that with our music too we had to come up with dope songs mpaka quality haikua factor” Continued Juacali

In addition,he stated that from song’s such as Ruka, Nipe asali,Kiasi and Baba yao are good examples of the group’s genius touch adding that Ngeli ya Genge and Mejja’s Landlord production were out of this world.

“A good example ni quality ya Ruka na Nipe asali but back to Luch,I remember Luch working on my Baba Yao video for 4 months straight remember hizo siku computers zilikua slow!!!so kurender animation clip ya 5secs took like 4hours manze!!Kiasi video was 🔥🔥,Ngeli ya genge was crazy!!! Landlord ya Mejja was top notch!!!”Added Juacali

Business Magnate

While offering Luch his flowers for a job well done,Juacali further revealed that the former is a thriving businessman in Nairobi.

“I just want to take this opportunity kupatia Luch flowers zake he took our songs and thru the visuals he made the songs 100 times better.Kwa wale watauliza Luch alienda wapi?nitawaambia Luch is a big businessman in Nairobi doing big things.
Genge To The World!!!#genge#Grammys” summed up Juacali

Juacali is currently on cloud nine with the recent incorporation of Genge at the coming Grammys in 2024.

By Steve Osaka.

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