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Juacali Recalls His First Radio Interview


Juacali Recalls His First Radio Interview.

Pioneer Genge Artiste Paul Nunda popularly known as Juacali has recalled his first ever radio interview two decades ago while introducing his song ‘Ruka’.

The Bidii Yangu rapper reminisced his journey while on an interview with Comedian Dr. Ofweneke maintaining that the day’s events shaped his musical career.

Almost Giving Up

Juacali was in the company of his producer Clement Rapudo ‘Clemmo’ and former fellow stable mate Nonini and were excited to introduce the new jam to fans.

However, little did they know a surprise awaited them, almost breaking their dreams.The first fan who placed a call shot them down.

“hiyo time tumeenda na ‘Ruka’ so tulikuwa na Clemmo na Nonini tumeenda interview song ikachezwa alafu sasa the public wakaambiwa pigeni simu… Mnafeel aje hii ngoma? The first caller aliuliza ” what is that, Hiyo ni nini? Sisi tumekaa apo tunashindwa “Hiyo ni nini, hii ni noma gani tena sasa” Narrated Juacali

Their spirits were lifted when the second caller came through and urged them on, he was God sent. That man was the late veteran music producer Bruce Odhiambo formerly of Johari Cleff Studio’s.

“sasa kimungumungu the late Bruce Odhiambo alikuwa anaskiza… Alikuwa Kisumu akapiga simu akatuambia ” Jamaa endeleeni hivo hivo, push push” Explained Juacali.

Mad Respect For Sanaipei Tande

Juacali poured immense praise to Singer Sanaipei Tande with whom they teamed up with on the classical hit ‘Kwaheri’ for her work ethic and creativity.

In fact,Juacali revealed that it was Sanaa’s concept that birthed the song ‘Kwaheri’.

“Sanaa ni Singer yes but ye hukuanga na mentality kama ya rapper ukimwambia akam up na melody ni apo ki apo… Alikam up na hiyo concept, akaniambia tufanye a break up song, tukosane na tukakosana” He stated.

On working with Gengetone artist’s, Juacali outlined it as ‘holding their hands’ in their craft as he was also motivated while he was starting out.He maintained that though they’re not in regular communication with Nonini they’re still tight buddies.

His longevity in music stems from having a strong support system and belief in God.

By Steve Osaka.


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