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Juacali’s wife takes on online haters who attacked her hubby’s dressing

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Singer Juacali’s wife has hit back at online haters who said her husband’s dressing was terrible.

After a certain female posted the singer’s photo in one of facebook’s social groups, different ladies expressed their thoughts about the singer.

Some ladies said the singer dressed very poorly while others said he no longer smiles in public since he got married.

Some ladies even crossed the line calling out the singer for having sired many children. This angered Juacali’s wife Lilly Asigo who immediately took to Instagram to fire shots at the women ”For starters, its Juacali. Save that ‘K’ for your people. How does he look like? He doesn’t know how to dress? He smiles less nowadays. He has many children. If we ask your dad to list his children, your siblings will fill a whole county. That should not worry you. I’m I you? Are you me? Are we related? (sic)”,she wrote

She called out the women saying they were already tired of Tanzanian showbiz gossip so now they want to start gossip where there is none.

”People are already tired with Tanzanian gossip. Most of those who talked I’ll do not even have boyfriends. The things this King of mine does to me are crazy and that’s why he is the one who has the key. If I don’t care about how he looks or what he does, who are you?” she added.


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