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Juakali-Embakasi residents in nasty land tussle with Kisii governor

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Residents of kwa Bishop area, Juakali- Embakasi have been given a 14 day notice to vacate the area following an eviction notice by the court.

The residents who have allegedly been embroiled in a court battle with Kisii county governor Jimmy Ongwae say that they have occupied the piece of land for years and it is all they have known as home.

Josephine Wang’ombe, 78, who has lived in the area since 1967 she fought for the country and it is unfair that in her old age she is being evicted from her home.

“My husband built me this house and we lived here from 1967 till the time he passed on in the year 2002. I fought for this country during the Saba Saba when I was young and had strength, now I’m being told to vacate the only place I know as home, where do I go?” she said

Wang’ombe says that the OCPD together with another official visited the area and gave them a notice to vacate the area. The notice was supposed to expire on Tuesday 12th February and the houses were to be demolished on the same day.

The area residents were shocked when they woke up in the morning on Tuesday to find a fresh 14 day eviction notice plastered in every plot.

The notice states that they occupy the parcel of land labelled LR. No.21989 illegaly and should vacate by 24th February 2018.

“Pursuant with Decree and order HCC NO.2799 of 1998 dated 9TH September 2011 and 7th July 2015, the occupants of LR. No.21989 Embakasi of which you now occupy.

You have been given 14 days notice to vacate the said parcel in compliance with the applicable laws. Accordingly, the occupants and tenants vacate by 24th February 2019.” Read part of the notice.

The two parties have a case scheduled for 27th of February and are now calling on the governor to hold off the eviction notice till the case is decided.


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