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Juakali Sector Forms Association To cater For Their Welfare


JUAKALI Tournament has come to an end with Allin FC being the spot light of the show baging the number one trophy having emerged the victors beating Joh Mottos 3-0 in the finals.

It will be an experience the Juakali members will never forget because it was not only about the football that brought them together, but the solidarity of showing support to their Association the Unique Mechanical and Auto Artisans Association ,that will ketter for the welfare for the juakali people was their delight.

With over 3.5 million employees across the country the juakali automobile industry agenda to social change is to provide employment opportunities to all youths and give them opportunities to showcase their talents in football.

Speaking to Kennedy Owino Chairman of Unique Mechanical and Auto Artisans Association says that the association was formed to look at the welfare of the juakali sector which is the biggest giver of direct employment in the country.

“We dont receive support from the government in fact we are considered a nuisance reason being we are an enviromental hazard and we are the largest juakali sector providing direct employment.” he adds.

Football is an extra talent for the mechanics but the fact that it bring people together is what keeps the Juakali people going.

Kennedy says that the biggest challenge the juakali sector face is land grabbing and that is the main reason they have been fighting with the government.

“If only the government could allocate us with land that we will pay for the issue of setting up their stations along roads will not be a problem.” he says.