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Julie Gichuru Receives A Beating For Claiming To Be Michelle Obama’s Look Alike. (Pics)


mitchRemember that high school cliche’ advice we were always told everyday about “Being Ourselves”? Someone needs to whisper that on Julie Gichuru’s ears.

Well,on the contrary…i think she doesn’t need to be told that as she must have a tougher encounter yesterday after Kenyans on Instagram savagely attacked her for claiming to look like the US First Lady,one Mitchelle Obama.

Well,the thing is, Julie has always been complimented for looking like Mitchelle Obama,but she never believed until yesterday when she posted a certain photo-by the way the lady in the photo looks 100% like Mitchelle, I actually think its  Mitchelle….but Julie claims it her self- with a lengthy post to cement her new realization of how much she looked like Mitchelle.

Am not sure why Kenyans were mad, because if the lady on the photo is Julie…then i strongly believed she is Mitchelle’s clone.

“Lakini Julie anatupima wazimu.” The lady on the photo is ACTUALLY Mitchelle….but Julie says its herself!!!!!! But why on earth could she just decide to post a photo of someone else and claim to be her own self??

Well, below are the screenshots of the hilarious comments from Kenyans. Someone would make a fortune if they started selling chill pills to Kenyans. We have zero!!

But whats your take? Do they really look alike or is Julie just so delusional??

Check out;

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