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  • South African’s freedom fighter Julius Malema says that they are in Kenya to undo the work of King Charles III activities during his visit.
  • He also added that the Palestine war is intentional to wave off a certain ethnic group and they have the authority to inform ICC to issue arrest warranty to Netanyahu for the Gaza to have peace.
  • He will be addressing the public at Pan African Institute launch.

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighter Leader Julius Malema has arrive in Kenya to address the public at the Pan African Institute launch today.

On his landing to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while speaking to SABC NEWS,Malema says that he is Kenya to correct the mess of the British colony that is the message about colonialism and imperialism which was left during King Charles III visit in Kenya.

This comes after King Charles III and Queen Camilla completed their four day visit  in Kenya.

King and Queen’s visit didn’t please the British colony complaining that The King Shouldn’t  have apologize to Kenyans because they taught Kenya how to speak fluent English and gave them democracy.

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Reasons for Malema’s visiting Kenya

Romantic revolutionary - the unsettling sight of Julius ...
South Africa’s Freedom Fighter Julius Malema:Photo Courtesy

Julius Malema said that he is Kenya to correct mess that King Charles III left during his visit.

”The British Law and what they did to the Kenyan people and no business putting their feet here except that they should pay preparations to the Kenyans because that is the only way and genuine apology we expect from the British Colony,”

”So we don’t think that his visit is of any development to Kenya and  African Continent is any significance unless they are able to commit to the pounds,trillion of pounds to try and heal the deep wound that they have left in Kenya,”

”And we are here to correct that mess that they left,the message of colonialism and imperialism,we are here to undo the work they did during their visit.”He said

Malema also noted that they should call ICC to issue warrant of arrest against Netanyahu.

”Well we see the war in Palestine is not win war,a war that is not intentionally to wipe off a certain ethnic group,”

”The world is watching.Genocide is committed by Netanyahu,we have a duty to call the ICC to issue the warrant of arrest against Netanyahu because he did worse than what President Putin has done in Ukraine yet there is a warrant of arrest for crimes he committed,”

”So we are going to be putting more emphasis that the Israel’s ambassador everywhere in the continent that they must be chased away until the people of Gaza know peace,”

”We in South Africa,we are beneficiaries of International solidarity and we know what international solidarity do in as much as we are preaching peace in Gaza we should be worried about what is happening in DRC also.” He added.

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