Tanzanian singer Juma Jux has admitted that he is indeed dating Karen Bujulu, a lady he had traveled with to Paris, France. 

The singer said this for the first time after the two flaunted each other on social media.

“I have not yet introduced her as my girlfriend. I just traveled with her for company,” he said at a press conference.

When he was pushed to give an answer, he admitted “Yes, she is my girlfriend.”

Jux’s ex Vanessa and his current lover Karen

Jux went to Paris for the second time courtesy of an alcohol brand but denied that the brand also paid for his lover’s trip.

“She was not flown there by the alcohol brand that flew me there,” he said.

Giving his experience during the trip, he narrated;

“I went to check out an NBA game. I got a chance to meet up with an NBA coach, we played together for like five minutes, I got so tired. That was a good experience.”

Juma Jux and Karen at the Basketball Game

He also took Karen to the Eiffel Tower, which has always been her dream.

“Remember you telling me a few months ago that the Eiffel Tower was on your bucket list, and I told you that someone would take you there and that someone had to be me. I know #luckynow is your favorite song, but your smile is my favorite.”

Fans think the singer’s new girlfriend has a striking resemblance to his ex. What are you thoughts?

February 7, 2023

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