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Juma Jux weighs in on Vanessa Mdee’s decision to quit music

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Tanzanian RnB star Juma Jux has finally weighed in on his ex Vanessa Mdee’s decision to quit music.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi TV, Jux said he feels the decision was very selfish.

According to Jux, Mdee should have thought about the struggle she’s been through to build her career and the people who supported her on her way up.

“When you make a decision to end your career because of someone I think it is not right. First you have to think about the people who helped you build that career. There are people who went hungry, others may have even slept in cells to have your career blow up so just because you meet someone, who even met you when you’re already star now they influence your decision to quit your career? It’s not right, what about the people who helped you? Let us be considerate, heartfelt issues are there but there are other bigger things to consider” he said

Jux further threw shots saying that if the decision to quit music was influenced by Rotimi it was wrong.

“If the decision to quit music was because of love that was wrong… Maybe there are other reasons other than love. Personally I cannot quit music and disappoint my fans because of love. Life is always moving on, if you find someone who does not support your career today tomorrow someone else will come.” Jux said

In the same interview, Jux said he is happy that Mdee found a partner that makes her happy.

“We parted ways, she moved on, I moved on..I was very happy. She is happy with Rotimi as we can see and it’s okay.” He added


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