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Jumwa remanded in police custody until Thursday


Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and her aide Geoffrey Okuto have been remanded in custody until Thursday when they are expected to plead to murder charges.

Justice Njoki Mwangi of Mombasa High Court says that this is to allow mental assessment and pre bail report to be carried out before plea taking.

Justice Mwangi says that a mental assessment is a process of the high court which is mandatory for any person facing murder charges.

“This court appreciates that the two accused persons have come to this court in obedience of the same summons issued on 16th of October by this court,” said Mwangi.

“However they must subject themselves to the processes of the high court which all accused persons charged with murder undergo for the reason that all persons are equal before the law. The procedure is that all accused persons must undergo prebail assessment ad psychiatric examination before the court can set their bai/bond terms,” said Mwangi.

Jumwa and Okuto will be taken to the Coast Provincial Hospital for the mental assessment on Wednesday before appearing in court on Thursday.

The defense lawyer had urged the court not to remand the accused person in police custody for the reason that they had been granted anticipatory bail.

“This court well notes that anticipatory bail had been granted to the accused person pending investigations, the said investigations are now complete… The two accused persons are at liberty to apply for refund of their cash bail from the honourable magistrate who issued the same orders,” said Mwangi.

The two are accused of killing an ODM supporter Jonah Ngumbao when she stormed a meeting organized by an ODM candidate in the ward by elections.