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Hon.Babu Owino has advice President Ruto to sell Kenya after releasing new charges to the Citizens.

This comes after Interior CS Kindiki announce that Kenyan Citizens will be required to pay Ksh 2,000 to renew their IDs which was initially Ksh.100 and Ksh 1,000 for ID processing.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament has reacted to the new charges announced yesterday by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki.

Through his Instagram,MP Babu Owino has advise President William Ruto to sell Kenya to get the amount of money he wants from Kenya Citizens.

”Hii Gari ya UDA imekataa breaks .Kenyans can’t tighten the belt anymore coz seat belt imekatika,”

”Why can’t Ruto just sell Kenya apate hizi pesa ananyanyasia wananchi.”He advised

He also pointed out President Ruto for oppressing the same Kenyans who voted him as the President of Kenya.

”You prayed so hard to be the President and now you are working so hard to oppress the same people you vowed to help,”

”If you walking and you don’t meet the devil know that you are going in the same direction.”He noted.

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New Charges Released by the Government

Replacing a lost ID is now Sh 2,000 which was initially paid Ksh.100.

A 50-page ordinary passport will now cost applicants Ksh.9,500 from the existing Ksh.6,000 while the application fee for a 66-page ordinary passport has shot up by Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.12,500.

To regain citizenship Under section 10 you will be required to pay Ksh 50,000 which was initially Ksh 500.

Replacing a lost passport will cost Ksh.20,000, an increase of Ksh.8,000 from the previous fee while replacing a valid mutilated passport will cost Ksh.20,000 from Ksh.10,000

Acquiring Dual Citizenship Declaration is now Ksh.10,000 which was initially free.

Citizenship by Registration for Lawful Residence is now Ksh.1,000,000 which was initially Ksh.200,000.

Acquiring Citizenship by marriage will now cause you Ksh.100,000 which was initially Ksh.30,000 and many other more.

Kenyans have been facing tough time since Ruto Regime came to power,more taxes has been passed to bills,education funds has been increased but we hope it things will turn to be normal.

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