In Summary

  • The incident reportedly happened on Sunday,Oct 8th
  • The victim was involved in a scuffle
  • The Deceased will be laid to rest on Thursday

The family of one Joseph Wakang’u Ng’angara, 21, is calling for justice after their son was killed along Kiambu Road on Sunday, October 8.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News , Alvin Ngunjiri  shares briefly what transpired  that day.

He says the victim was involved in a scuffle that occurred at a petrol station along Kiambu road  while in the company of his friend.

”Ilikuwa on a Sunday night na walikuwa wameenda kubuy drink , pakatokea  uchokozi kidogo na wasee wengine walikuwa pia wametoka kwa hiyo liquor store ” narrated  Alvin

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The Confrontation

The cause of the confrontation is yet to be established.

During the confrontation, petrol station attendants and boda boda riders are seen attempting  to separate the group but the efforts were futile.

Shared CCTV footage (Courtesy)

The Deceased Sort Medical Attention

Ngunjiri says shortly after Joseph was hit with a bottle , He was taken to a medical facility where a minor check up was done ,

”Alipelekwa clinic akaangaliwa kidogo wakaona ako sawa na wakamshow aende home ”

The following day the Mother to the deceased was worried  that the son had overslept and sent the gardener to check up on him

” Mamake alijaribu kumcall akaskia kijana haamki ,akatuma gardener amuangalie but inasemekana kijana alikuwa amepass ” adds Ngunjiri

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Night Vigil Held

Ghetto Radio News team has confirmed that friends and family held a night vigil on Sunday.

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Call for Justice

The update on the death has garnered reactions from friends and netizens who have joined in the call for justice

Some comments are captured below ,

”A young soul, very joyful gone too soon. Was a great pal. Rip jose”

”May The killer be brought to book”

”RIP to Joe i knew him,he was a cool ”

”I feel sorry for Joe”



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