Comedian 2mbili is nursing serious injuries following an alleged physical assault by his baby mama.

According to a video shared by Comedian Oga Obinna, 2mbili is seen seriously bleeding as he explains that it was the third time the incident was happening.

Obinna says efforts to get 2mbili to talk about the abusive relationship have been futile as he has been unwilling to speak up publicly.

“The number of physical abuses on 2mbili have been going up for a while now, 2mbili’s kids sometimes come here and my son told me his kids told him that their mother almost stabbed their father and even hit him with a glass,” Obinna narrated.

Obinna revealed that the abuse is sometimes turned on 2mbili’s kids with the aim of hurting him.

 “I’ve decided to speak before it’s too late also maybe one day he may have the courage to talk about it but for now just know that boychild needs all the help and love he can get to stay strong for the kids. Nobody is there for boychild!! We have gone even to the police station plus GBV offices and NOTHING WAS DONE,” Obinna said.

Reacting to the story, comedian YY said 2mbili once covered up being burnt by hot water by lying that he had been attacked by goons.

YY said it was important for men to know when to leave toxic relationships.

“I feel sorry for him….tumbili even covered up story ya maji moto akasema ni maboy walimvamia akishoot… maze am glad you can finally talk about it tumbili… not all the times should people stay for the children, sometimes you leave for the sake of the children,” YY said.

Here are other views concerning 2mbili’s incident:

Propesaa Violence should not happen to anyone. It is against the law na mtu anapiga mwenzake anafaa kufungwa

deey3540 It’s unfortunate but the guy needs to love himself and walk away from that situation. All we can do is say sorry but it’s him to rescue himself and walk away

varinialuvega I say no GBV

By Stella Anyango

January 24, 2023

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