In Summary

  • The magistrate failed to show at City Hall for the Second time.
  • Detained suspects at City Hall were yesterday released


The tussle over Court  between Nairobi County Government and Judiciary continues and the matter seems to be getting out of hand.

Magistrates stationed at the Courts failed to show for the second time with those arrested required to be taken to Milimani Court Number 13 for plea taking.

Today the County Government officers refrained from arrests citing logistics challenges including transportation  of suspects to Milimani Law Courts.

Acting Attorney Christine Ireri says they were forced yesterday to release the suspects detained at City Hall cells to avoid further violation of their rights.

Appearing before the Legal Committee at the Assembly Ireri says the the County Government is doing all it can to have judges back at City Hall.

“Mr Chairman we have been in constant engagement with Judiciary to have to have this matter resolved.Our county secretary wrote to Judiciary asking for a meeting at their convenience and we hope soon  all these  will be resolved.So we are requesting for more time and some kind of resilience because we are on top of it.” Ireri said.

The Legal Committee

Meanwhile the legal  committee has slammed the move to relocate City Hall Courts saying it is an attempt to undermine devolution. The Committee Chairman Jared Akama asked the executive to expedite talks with Judiciary so that Nairobians can continue enjoying judicial services at City Hall.

“We  are saying  that this is purely attack on devolution and we would like  to ask Judiciary to find another way of resolving any outstanding disputes but not relocating.To the executive much is expected of you.” Akama said.

Judiciary Action

According to the Milimani Court registry all pleas to be taken at Milimani law Court No.13.

“All Nairobi Pleas will now be Registered at Milimani Law Court Registry….The County Pleas will be taken in  court Milimani Law Courts.” The notice reads in part.


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