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•Juventus prisma scandal
•Juventus previous performance
•Romelu lukaku possible move to Juventus

Juventus is not only risking a European ban but also a multimillion-euro fine according to investigations carried out by UEFA.

The European Football governing body has obtained procured documents from the Turin Prosecutor which contain details on the ‘Prisma’ scandal criminal investigation involving the Bianconeri and several of their ex-club directors, including Juventus FC President Andrea Agnelli.

Juventus FC look ready to negotiate a plea deal bargain but this might only begin at the end of the investigations carried out by UEFA. The judge handling the case could make a proposal to Juventus, which the club can either accept or refuse, offering their terms for the agreement.

The Bianconeri hope they can find a way to negotiate with UEFA, especially after confirming their withdrawal from the Super League earlier on in the month of June .

The Serie A super club had already shaken hands on a settlement with UEFA which would allow the club to pay a €3m fine rather than €23m. However, it may be scratched if the investigation proves Juventus altered their balance sheets.

According to reports, failure to meet the financial targets will increase the fine placed from €4 to €23m. Moreover, if the judge believes Juventus’ alleged wrongdoing was a serious act ,he is entitled to impose a punishment and refuse to negotiate with the Bianconeri.

If talks over a plea bargain will take place, Juventus would not directly request exclusion from the 2023-24 Conference League but would accept such a scenario, if offered by the judge, without an appeal.

On the other hand, a longer European ban would force the Bianconeri to file an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to have a sentence by the beginning of August when UEFA need to know the clubs involved in European competitions.

If Juventus are banned from the 2023-24 Conference League, Fiorentina will replace them having finished behind the Old Lady in Serie A last season.

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo , arguably the best football player ever, left Juventus FC for Manchester United the teams performance declined. This comes as a result of their maniacal dedication to the 3-5-2 formation.

Juventus performance

The formation has often left the team weak to high-level wing play . An example is the match between them and Bayern Munich .

However, it is ranked 11th in Deloitte’s European Money League published in January . They finished position 7 in the previous season with 62 points which is a huge contrast from what was the norm .
They’ve always been at the top of the table where they used to garner 80 points and beyond .

The 2022- 2023 season is over and we’re keen on the old lady’s performance the coming season .

Juventus transfer news

Juventus is reportedly considering a swoop for Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku if they decide to part ways with Dusan Vlahovic. This unexpected move could see the 30-year-old Belgian international joining Juventus as a replacement for Vlahovic, whose future at the club remains uncertain.

Lukaku’s future is currently in limbo, despite his desire to continue playing for Inter Milan. The Belgian striker is hopeful of convincing Chelsea to agree to another loan move to the Nerazzurri, even expressing a willingness to accept reduced wages for the transfer to occur. However, Chelsea has decisively rejected Inter Milan’s offers, preferring to sell Lukaku outright rather than loaning him for a second time.

The big question now arises whether Inter Milan will make a bid to purchase Lukaku permanently or secure his services on a loan deal with a purchase obligation. Should Inter fail to do so, Chelsea may not be inclined to send Lukaku back to the Nerazzurri, opening up opportunities for other clubs to pursue the striker.

While Lukaku is rumoured to reject a move to another fierce rival, AC Milan, Juventus could emerge as an unexpected destination for the Belgian striker. The uncertainty surrounding the future of Vlahovic at Juventus has led the club to search for a potential replacement, and Lukaku could be a target for the Turin-based club if they decide to sell the Serbian.

The coming weeks will provide further clarity on the situation and determine whether Lukaku will indeed make a surprising switch to Juventus for the upcoming season

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