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K24 News Anchor Yusuf Ibrahim Exposed For Doing This Whilst Reading Prime News.(Pics)


yusufBoys will always be boys. Talk of taking that “passport” shower if late for work or just lazy for a full one. Talk about recycling a pair of pants twice or thrice because wearing it once doesn’t make it dirty after all!!!

Men can relate with this big time. What no one saw coming is that even the top paid parties can always fall victim.

Come to think of it, you are hired as a Prime time news anchor to read morning news. Maybe, the previous night was so lit that you forgot to ask your wife (if you got one) to iron your favorite suit. Worst still, you probably forgot to set your alarm on.

So what happens the next morning is hilariously confusing. Your Wardrobe manifests your fury to get you a shirt, coat and tie that looks neater than the rest. The trousers and shoes ain’t no biggie because you read news while sitted so the only part you should worry about is the upper body.

That, might be the story of Yusuf Ibrahim, a popular News anchor with K24!!! Or maybe the rain just messed everything and he had to fool Kenyans by donning a pair of jeans and sports shoes topped with an official regalia on the upper body.

Well, you can play smart with this….but not when you have colleagues such as Gospel Dj Soxxy!!!

He just exposed Yusuf’s little dirty antics, check out;