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Kaa La Moto Teams Up With Moha ‘Jicho Pevu’ In Combating Drug Barons

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Celebrated Coast based hip-hop artist and arguably one of the leading Kenyan freestyler’s Kaa La Moto Kiumbe has teamed up with Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali ‘Jicho Pevu’ in combating drug barons.

The information was relayed by both Kaa La Moto and the first time legislator, Moha through the former’s Instagram.

“The funny thing you know, I’ve been fighting so much nimekuwa napigana sana na vitu flani sana ambayo wewe umekuwa unapigana lakini kwa field yako unaona me I’ve been doing that using my lyrics, activism and all that, wewe you’re using your voice using your intellectual part that is Jicho Pevu and all that but it is the right time sisi wawili tushikane tuweze kuifanya sasa in a different perspective way, we can change the society and the globe hususan Coast, hususan K.E.N.Y.A unajua and we just need to have a revolution, “Said Kaa La Moto.

On the other hand, Moha stated the need to cleaning the town off the drug pushers who are continuing to destroy the lives of the young people” Tuanze, tuanze walanguzi lazima wahame hii town hakuna kuwabembeleza their time is up”Said Moha. (Bill To Tackle Vice) He revealed that there’s already a bill awaiting the President’s nod before they start unleashing their wrath to the drug peddlers.

“There is a bill by the way nangoja President a sign, the moment ata sign tutaanza kuruka nao one by one” Added Moha(Going For The Big Fish) Kaa La Moto stressed the need for going for the big big players, the suppliers rather than dwelling only at the user’s.”It’s the right time mbali na kushika wavutaji, it’s good tutafute the Pablo Escobar – we want the big fish”He said.

The creative industry is one of the most affected sectors when it comes to drug abuse,Coast artist Sokoro is a good example of a wasted talent thanks to drugs,Pioneer hip hop Star Johnny Vigeti of Kalamashaka is another big name who has battled substance abuse.We hope Kaa La Moto and Moha’s initiative will finally yield fruits.

By Steve Osaka.


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