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Kaa Rada, Chicken Pox outbreak.

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chiThe Ministry of Health has confirmed an ongoing outbreak of chickenpox in Mombasa and Nairobi.

The Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko confirmed this but went on to assure the public that there was no need for panic as Chicken pox is a manageable disease.

He however advised that the public limit their contact to those infected to avoid further spread.

Chicken pox is a self limiting disease that doesn’t necessarily need for the patient to go to hospital but needs monitoring

It  is a common airborne illness that is more prevalent in dry and overcrowded places and mainly affects children.

Some of the symptoms are

  • High Temperature (fever), aches and headache often start a day or so before a rash appears.
  • Spots (rash). Small red Itchy blisters develop in different folds with the first break being on the face, back
  • Loss of appetite or feeding problems.

Chickenpox spreads through droplets in the coughs and sneezes of an infected person.

While the infection takes a week or two at most to clear ,it can be dangerous for people with a weakened immune system, newborns and pregnant women.

Stay on the look out. Remember prevention is better than cure..




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