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  • Reggae singer Kabaka Pyramid is calling for the rise of a young reggae star.
  • According to the Grammy award-winning artist the rising star should be talented and have some sense.
  • Many believe that Koffee will be up for the task.

Grammy award-winning Jamaican reggae artist Keron Salmon better known as Kabaka Pyramid has shown concern over the Reggae industry, wondering who the future star of the celebrated genre is going to be.

In a post on his social media pages, the 38 year old hitmaker posed a question to his legion of followers along with the attributes he hoped the young reggae star would come bearing.

According to the Faded Away singer, the particular rising star must have both talent and brains so as to make it big in the industry.

“Reggae needs a young star that have nuff talent and a likkl sense. Who will it be?” Reads his tweet.

Is Koffee Up For The Task?

Kabaka’s post sparked lots of reactions from fans with most nominating the talented up-and-coming reggae star Koffee.

“Still manifesting Koffee as this person.” Expressed Sunbeam Kay while many other Twitter users (now X) also shared their belief that Koffee would fit well in that spot.

Jamaican singer and songwriter Koffee


Jamaican singer  and songwriter Koffee became a key voice in reggae with astonishing speed, especially impressive in a genre whose list of stars generally evolves at a pace.

The 23 year old has brought new perspectives to a male-dominated genre with her powerful voice that creates a balance between personal and political topics.

Born Mikayla Simpson, Koffee grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica where she sang in the church choir and became a self-taught guitarist. She was just 17 and was studying to become a pharmacist.

Her 2019 hit “Toast” helped her push her Rapture EP as she set two records at the Grammys. At only 19 Koffee became both the youngest artist and the first woman to ever win the Best Reggae Album award.


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