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Kakamega MCA shot, ran over socialite Mishi Dora over Ksh. 5000 debt

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Former Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has exposed MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma, the MCA for Mayoni ward in Kakamega County as the man who tried to kill her back in 2014.

Mishi recently narrated the chilling details about how a certain man in government ran her over and left her for dead.

The socialite took to social media to narrate how the said man shot her, ran her over and left her for dead then later tried to bribe her to settle the matter out of court.

“My name is Mishi Dorah as you all know me… and I’m one hell of a strong woman… I’m not voiceless and I’m a fighter… this has been my journey since 2014…. I’ve tried getting this off my head for the longest time… but I keep having flashbacks and nightmares of what was done to me on that day… this man was out here to kill me… he shot at me… ran me over by a car and drove off leaving me for dead…with multiple pelvic bone fractures ..Torn ligament and a broken left hip bone….tried killing me again at the hospital and I ended up in an ICU…been to court since December 2014… but until now no justice has been served… in 2015… He approached me with a bribe of Sh.500,000 so we can settle the matter out of court… which I turned down and even had to relocate coz my life and my baby’s was at risk…those that know me know the scars I have all over my body” she wrote

On Monday, Mishi shared a photo of the MCA saying that since going public with the story, she has been receiving threats but will not be silenced by them.

“Threats usually don’t go well with me… I started this… and I must finish it… The little scared gal that I used to be died on that road and died again recently… this is a new me… I stand for myself… and I speak for myself and those that are voiceless… Libinus Oduor.. I have a voice.. and I’m here to tell you that I’m no longer scared.. all I want is justice… nothing more … you can go ahead and do your worst.. I’M NOLONGER SCARED!!! #AllINeedIsjustice,” she said

The MCA reportedly ran over Mishi Dora after she demanded that he pays her the Ksh. 5000 debt he owed her.

The incident happened in December 2014 outside a club in Downtown Kisumu.







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