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Kalekye Mumo’s ‘Sell Yourself’ post ignites mixed reaction online


Media personality Kalye Mumo has rubbed netizens the wrong way with her recent post on social media.

Kalye had taken to social media to ask jobless youths to stop inboxing people they think have made it to ask for jobs.

However the way she framed her post did not go well with netizens who called her out over it.

“Don’t go inboxing & Dming people who you think have made it or have some sort of influence “get me a job, any job” SELL YOURSELF. Why should anyone help you? What are your strengths & in this economy can you not do it on your own? NOBODY LEGIT woke up like this. We worked for it!” she tweeted

Many people felt that she was being arrogant and a section of netizens also decided to remind her that she made it because someone helped her at one point.

“If asking for job opportunities isn’t part of “SELLING YOURSELF” then I don’t understand what you tryna mean here. I believe that iyo kuulizia is part of kutafta job & one is really trying to use all the relevant chances ako nazo. You’ve really demoralized the hopes of many aki” wrote Kelvin Kranja

Another netizen identified as Monica called on Kalekye to give home to those in need of a job instead of showing off.

“What makes you think you have made it??? That person all she/he needs is some hope or words of encouragement. Why can’t you answer them kwa DM in stead of sun drying them kwa timeline??? Tame your attitude” she wrote

“We understand it(sometimes out of desperation you ask for help, any help) …that person looks at you as a mentor. You just took a gun and pulled the trigger on his/her last hope!…be nice we all need help despite making it or having influence” wrote Mutinda

“Just because you are lucky and blessed to have a job.Do not assume that other people lack jobs because they they don’t hustle were helped at some point in life. dont ruin it in people” wrote Abu