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Kamanda Tells Tuju To Stay Out Of Jubilee Party Politics

Jaguar cries at Jubilee House when he was reportedly asked to negotiate with Starehe MP Maina Kamanda over the party ticket

Starehe MP Maina Kamanda is now accusing Jubilee officials of plotting to rig him out of the Starehe nominations where he was declared the winner.

Kamanda has told Jubilee Party leader Raphael Tuju to stay out of the Jubilee party politics further accusing him and his right hand man of favouring musician Charles Kanyi a.k.a Jaguar.

Kamanda accuses party doing a recount on Friday and only involving aspirant Jagua in the recount.

In a manner that contradicts his win Kamanda accused the party officials of allowing non Jubilee members to vote in the nominations meddling with the Starehe politics in favour of Jaguar.