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Kambua reveals that loss of son made her lose memory

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Gospel musician and media personality Kambua has revealed that the loss of her son has brought a lot of damage to her life.

The musician says that she became a terrible communicator and that the loss also came with memory loss since she forgets a lot.

The media personality also said that there are activities she stopped doing since they reminded her of her baby.

“I’m generally not great at communicating, but grief made me plain out terrible at it. I also became extremely forgetful, but I thank God for slowly restoring my memory. There are things I loved that I can’t get myself to do. Songs I can’t listen to, people I’m unable to be around,” wrote Kambua

She added that she tries to avoid things that remind her of the loss and informed her fans that she is still healing.

“So I’m being kind to myself. I’m healing. I’m learning my triggers and avoiding them when I can. It is called self-preservation. We all grieve differently and it’s not limited to tears,” added Kambua.


Kambua advised people to always understand and support people who are grieving.

“A grieving person can be hard to understand, because truth is, even they do not understand themselves. Extend grace, extend grace then some more grace. Keep reminding yourself not to center yourself in someone else’s pain,” she added.

Kambua lost her son Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu on February 15th a few days after birth.



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