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Kambua apologises for new year’s bash scandal

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kambuaCelebrated Citizen TV presenter and gospel singer Kambua has apologized to Kenyans following a public outcry over her behaviour at Royal media’s New Years Eve party.

The singer became the subject of heated online debates on Sunday,December 31,night after she publicly stole the show from her colleague and co host.

It is alleged that Kambua unceremoniously grabbed a mic from Inooro TV’s Jeff Kuria,who was her co-emcee at the Royal Media Services’ Vuka Mwaka Party held at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru.

The singer was forced to take to social media to address the issue.

“Well, we are finally back in Nairobi. And yes, I have seen and read all (or most) of your comments. With all the stones being flung my way, I will in no way try to explain anything. So allow me to say this specifically to Jeff Kuria (my colleague at Inooro), and his fans as a whole. For all that may/may not have happened, I apologise. I’d hate to start this year with any bad blood. I value all of you, even the criticism (good and bad). Happy New Year. K.” Kambua wrote.

She however pulled down the post minutes later for reasons known to her. kambua

It is still not clear whether the two have been having bad blood or there was a mix up during the event.

Kambua also apologised to fellow co-workers David Oyuke and Enid Moraa who also co hosted the event.


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