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Kamenuka!!!! Eric Omondi Shamed Publicly For Cheating on His Italian Girlfriend Chantel. (Video)

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erWith this era and generation,am considering never to expose my future better half on social media platform to avoid facing consequences similar to Eric Omondi’s.

Social media users (myself included) is a hypocritical arena. We pretend to celebrate for our friend’s or favorite celebrity achievement but deep down we want to see them fall.

Take Eric Omondi and his Italian girlfriend Chantel Grazioli as an example. The two love birds have been parading their love tale on social media of singles like me to envy them. The endless semi-nude Skype chats photos,the valentine-d engagement, surprise romantic home-coming reception and woooo…….the recently bought German machine (Mercedez Benz) the comedian bought her.

Isn’t it safe for me to say that some things are meant to be kept private? I’m gonna find bae and keep it them to myself man!!

So, if you are still asking where this boat is headed to, i’d tell you that this video you are about to see is not cheap PR, or staged- contrary to what people think.

Am talking about Eric Omondi’s recent public humiliation by his Italian pie. Apparently…..things went south- just like y’all hypos wanted….shaking my head.

A video doing rounds on social media spots Eric Omondi being confronted by Chantel  for allegedly sending Airtime to a certain lady repeatedly. She then furthers goes on to express her fury before spilling alcohol on him ,walks out on him the utters something like, “You Don’t get it bae, do you???…..Vaffan Culo (F**k off).”

The video is not staged for your information. The person taking it is an outsider who is even hiding the video taking phone underneath a table to get you this dramatic twist of happenings.

It is funny how Eric acts guilty all through, check out;





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