In Summary
  • The criminals held night keshas, and using these gatherings as a cover for their illegal activities
  • High end vehicles visit the church in the middle of the night

Search for a stolen goat in Ongata Rongai has today led residents discover Bhang hidden inside a church.

The incident happened earlier today while the police were launching an investigation into rampant cases of cattle rustilng in the area.

“This is a major breakthrough. This is not a church but a den of criminals,” Kajiado North Deputy County commissioner James Taari said.

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The residents who were determined to find the thief of one of their goats followed a trail that eventually led them to the African B church that is located in Kware Ongata Rongai.

Deputy County Commissioner in Kajiado North, James Taari said that that was not a church but a den of criminals who pretended to pray in order to cover their criminal acts.

“I am told that the residents feared to report the criminal activities fearing revenge from the criminals, let us not be intimidated,”Taari said.

Police Bribed

There the residents ambushed suspects who were in the process of preparing goat meat.

During their raid, police discovered 26 bags of bhang that had been hidden in the semi-permanent church, with an estimated value of 6 million shillings.

“Mambo imekuwa ikiendelea sana kwa hii church..polisi wanakujanga hapa wanapata hongo …tunaonanga magari bigi bigi yakicome huku usiku…so polisi wanajua hii story,”a resident claimed.

The operation also led to the recovery of suspected stolen electronics and a slaughtered goat.

Two men were arrested while the main suspect managed to escape

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It is suspected that criminals in the area had been disguising themselves as Christians, holding night keshas, and using these gatherings as a cover for their illegal activities.



October 31, 2023

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